Like any ice lolly, the most important part of nailing a perfectly refreshing and delicious booze-infused ice popsicle is the ingredients. Ice lollies are just a couple of liquids mixed together, so if the flavour profile isn’t right, there’s nothing left for the treat to hide behind. However, consistency is also a huge part of a successful freeze. Nobody wants a runny ice lolly that melts before they can finish it, right?


The following recipe is for those humans who enjoy carbs and alcohol. The genius behind food blog Oh Bite It created Tequila Shot Doughnut Holes for those of us who love Tequila and doughnuts!


An ideal recipe for the summer months and one more way to use Pimm’s apart from drinking it. This fruity strawberry tart is infused with Pimm’s. What’s more? This lux tart is topped off with a fancy Pimms foam! Impress your guests and serve this tasty tart at your next backyard gathering.


The weekend is here and if you are looking to celebrate how you made it through this week or wish to indulge in a sweet decadent dessert then look no further; we have the perfect recipe for you. Former MasterChef winner Pankaj Bhadouria just showed us how to make a yummy eggless chocolate mouse in five minutes only.


I swear these are the best carrot cake cupcakes I’ve ever eaten. Whether you enjoy them for breakfast, lunch or dinner, these tasty creations will not disappoint!


If you have a hankering for an ice cream parlour treat, nothing beats an ice cream float on a hot summer day.


In the late 14th century, the first known waffle recipe appeared in an anonymous manuscript, written by a husband as a set of instructions to his young wife. The recipe read: “Beat some eggs in a bowl, season with salt and add wine, toss in some flour and mix. Then fill, little by little, two irons at a time with as much of the paste as a slice of cheese is large. Then close the iron and cook both sides. If the dough does not detach easily from the iron, coat it first with a piece of cloth that has been soaked in oil or grease.”


In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, we tweak a chocolate pudding dump cake to give it an extra kick!  Chocolate Pudding Cake is a one-pot cake that’s extremely easy to make. This recipe delivers a bubbling Guinness fudge sauce paired with a rich chocolate cake. Add a side serving of Irish cream whipped cream to help balance out the cake’s decadence. This dish is the perfect end to a feast on St. Patrick’s Day (March 17).


When it comes to kratom, one cannot deny the versatility in function and form of this herbal extract. For one, it is easy to find kratom in the form of capsules, powder, oils, and tinctures. This convenience allows kratom sellers to reach a wider audience based on diverse preferences and tastes.


Beer and dessert for breakfast? Why not?! Delicious and totally acceptable if it’s in these chocolate stout beer waffles with whiskey syrup!