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Pair of 1926 Macallan whiskies sell for record $1.2m

Dubai Airport-based retailer Le Clos has set a world record for the most expensive bottle of whisky ever sold following the purchase of two 1926 bottles of The Macallan for $1.2 million.


5 Different Types of Ice to Use in Cocktails

When it comes to preparing any type of cocktails, there is no ingredient more important than ice. Not only does it keep the drink at an adequate temperature, but its chemical properties ensure that all the ingredients merge together into one, delicious mixture. Ice is also a great addition for people who like the idea of strong drinks – like whiskey and vodka – but want to smooth out the flavor.


Employees Only: The Factory Canteens Serving Tempting Food To Hong Kong Diners, If You Know Where To Look

Lobster risotto, scallop udon, beef pho, sweet and sour ribs ? a hipster dining scene has emerged in the converted industrial buildings of rising art district Wong Chuk Hang; officially, you have to w


Hong Kong University’s Wine Club Heads To Bordeaux

Having won the Left Bank Bordeaux Cup’s Asia regional competition, members of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology’s wine club are now all set for the final, which will be held at fa


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