Upheaval In Cava Land

The Spanish CAVA denomination of origin has been in existence for more than thirty years, although the term, CAVA, has been used since 1972. During these decades, the number of recognized producers ha


Experience Sparkling Beauty At The Armani Hotel Milano

When it comes to love a very romantic person may picture a cosy scene of two lovers exchanging glances sitting in front of each other on a dinner table that has been made magical by soft lights whilst


What Are The Different Wine Education Certifications?

Why wait for the weekend to toss back a few drinks? You can drink up whenever you want without being worried about alcohol poisoning if you are certified to drink! Becoming a Master of Wine is a gruel


Pairing Champagne With Crab

Crab is about 180 million years old, thousands of species and is one of the most appreciated seafood in several countries in the world. In general, most crabs can be found in the sea, but they are also found in freshwater or terrestrial environments.


Pairing Mr Kipling Cakes With A Glass Of Bubbly

Samples continue to pour into the Glass of Bubbly office and one such parcel which followed a quick chat on Twitter was one from Mr Kipling Cakes. One of the most popular brands here in the UK and cer


How To Choose The Perfect Bottle Of Champagne To Gift

Choosing the perfect Champagne can be tricky especially if you have no idea about the standards of good sparkling wine, so here is a gift guide on how to choose the perfect bottle of Champagne to gift


Champagne Castelnau Strengthens Contemporary Art Associations

In line with its own modern art-inspired labels, Champagne Castelnau is strengthening its associations with the contemporary art world. On Tuesday evening, 29th January, Champagne Castelnau supported


How To Enjoy Drinking Your Champagne

Champagnes are really special. It is a widely recognized brand that does not come cheap. Unlike the traditional belief that it is reserved for special occasions, you do not have to wait for the specia


In Pink Or Yellow Gold, Valentine’s Day Engraved For Eternity By Champagne Henri Giraud

For the 14 February 2019, the craftsmen at Champagne Henri Giraud have reserved a superb surprise for you. Henri Giraud?s iconic clasp, gilded in pink or yellow gold which allows this precious bottle


Winter: Time For Wine And Online Entertainment

Let?s face it, while the winter snow is beautiful?it makes going out and meeting up with friends almost impossible at some points. When the snow is falling, and friends aren?t calling, it?s the perfec

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