The Best Sandwiches To Enjoy With Champagne

Sandwiches are very popular in many people?s daily diets from packed lunches at school to the quick snack requirement at work, of course, we also love sandwiches during afternoon tea especially when t


Are Dutch People Interested In Sampling International Food?

The world is full of diversity and it is a global village. People in this world belong to different religious, traditional, cultural backgrounds. They have their own beliefs, they have their own appro


Impress Your Friends With Simple Yet Effective Fresh Fruit Fizz Cocktails!

If you are like myself, involved in the wine industry, then you tend to get your fair share of family and friends popping over to visit and most certainly are given the nudge to host those special eve


Uk Winemakers Celebrate Harvest Of The Century

Wine producers across the UK are hailing 2018 the harvest of the century following a record-breaking summer and an unusually warm autumn resulting in excellent quality grapes with high yields. David P

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Prosecco Doc Forecasts An Exceptional Harvest For 2018

The 2018 harvest seems to have made everyone forget about the difficult 2017 vintage. Today, at its final stages, this year?s harvest has been reported to be generous in terms of both quantity and qua


British Sparkling Wine Tour. Where Can You Find The Best?

Contrary to popular belief, the beauty of wine exceeds reading the back label and popping it open, and pouring yourself and slowly sipping the drink. By getting a chance to visit a wine grower?s locat


Drinking Prosecco Naked

A catchy title will lead many to read on, though to be honest, in my opinion, many people will still be drinking Prosecco more or less naked in that the label means very little to those consuming it,


The History Of Champagne In Sports Wins

Anyone who watches sports will know the scene well: the victorious team or individual takes center stage applauded by the cheering crowd, Champagne corks pop, and a fountain of golden bubbles are spra


Top 7 Best Affordable Sparkling Wines And Champagnes

Nothing says ?classy? like a flute of bubbly. Whether you prefer pink, gold, or crystal, you can class up just about any event with a sparkling wine or Champagne and the best part is that you don?t ha


Champagne: Debunking The Top Myths For Good

To say that Champagne has something of a premium reputation would be a complete understatement. As we all know, this is one tipple reserved for the very best of occasions ? but it?s not necessarily so

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