Traveling by train is, at best, a nostalgic experience and, at worst, a time-consuming and frustrating one. There still is a charm to traveling by train, if you can look past its slow crawl, its many


Decomposing 200 times faster than a plastic straw.


Decomposing 200 times faster than a plastic straw.


Still a little lost on the cocktail? Check out this vid of sustainable tips and tricks?


The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has named Jose Cuervo as the MMA promotion?s first-ever official tequila sponsor.


Crafted by a 12th-generation descendant of Jose Cuervo, De La Viuda has been a Mexican staple for 50 years


Campaign created by agency Mekanism.


These days, there’s no shortage of choices when it comes to hard seltzer, as it seems like every alcohol brand has its own version.


Jose Cuervo?s Playamar Tequila Hard Seltzer line, which initially launched in August 2020, unveiled two new flavors: Black Cherry and Mango.


Mekanism uses AI, fueled by dating-app conversations, to show how robotic meetups can be.