Chenin Blanc From Three Places

It?s an underrated white grape that flourishes in the Loire Valley and very few other places.


Remembering Steven Spurrier, Whose Contest Shook The Wine World

His legacy will always be the Judgment of Paris tasting of 1976, but less well known was his advocacy for unheralded wines from all over the world.

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Steven Spurrier, Who Upended Wine World With A Tasting, Dies At 79

In what came to be called the Judgment of Paris, he arranged for California and French wines to be compared in a blind tasting. The verdict was a shocker.


A Starbucks Run Leads To A Walk To The Altar

Aryeh Levin?s impetus to finally propose to Jessy Warner-Cohen came from his 8-year-old son who told him, ?Just do it already.? So he did.

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How To Think About Wine Vintages

Conventional wisdom can often lead consumers away from delicious wines. Better to think of individual years in terms of character than of quality.


Vietnamese Iced Coffee, Ready To Drink

Omni Bev Vietnamese Cold Brew Coffee sells the specialty as a bottled drink, in several flavors.


20 Wines Under $20: Postcards From Around The World

In a pandemic era, when traveling is largely out of the question, these wines, good values all, can take you on a trip around the globe.


Tiki’s Comeback (published 2016)

Drinks that fell out of fashion as the epitome of kitsch are being revived as joyfully composed craft cocktails.

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In Trump And Biden, A Choice Of Teetotalers For President

Spirits may be low around the country, but don?t expect them to be raised in the White House after the election; neither President Trump nor Joseph R. Biden Jr. partakes in alcohol.


Goodbye, Tab: Coca-cola Will Discontinue The Iconic Diet Soda.

Coca-Cola said that plans to streamline its brands were hastened by supply chain disruptions and changing consumer behavior caused by the pandemic.

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